Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Moon + Positive Intentions 10/12/2015

Transform any darkness by bringing equal amounts of light. Where there is darkness, there is always light. And light is information. Transforming the first to the latter, while maintaining a healthy balance to support all systems currently in place to be the progressive intention I set forth, positively.

Create an enlightening environment of live food that boosts my well-being positively. Helping to continue to shed unnecessary and extra body inches healthfully to lose more of Ego, and help nourish more of Self. Less of me physically means more of me.  Giving thanks for my body's positive encounter with nourishing and essential vitamins and minerals which aides to my wealth of health-- mind, body and soul. Spend sufficient time outside giving thanks to nature for its beautiful existence. Practice balance, and happiness.

Love & Relationships.
See it through. Speak sweet, and true while giving continuous thanks for the opportunity to learn and grow through accurate communication, while positively maintaining every interaction gracefully and empathetically with an open heart to truly be the love, and create the love you wish to see exist. Take advantage of open opportunities to commend strengths, and encourage wholeness of ones self. Be fluid, be respectful, be kind, be generous and give thanks.

Create a system within this month that continually blesses my family with effortless monetary abundance. Earning $2,660 more per month to pay off all debts owed, travel easily anywhere to access positive clarifications to continue to live abundantly, as well as save money for future positive endeavors all while giving eternal thanks for the opportunity to receive more abundance.

See everything as a beautiful opportunity for Truth-Growth. Seek and you shall find. Maintain positivity for all things placed divinely available. Feed the light; tame the dark and give infinite thanks for wholeness and abundance. Holding no expectation of reality; decidingly creating reality with positive emotional connection to the Now.

Encompass all experiences as light to maintain balanced and positive control of the amount of darkness necessary to fully appreciate and give ample thanks for the opportunity to live abundantly.


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